Experience luxury and convenience with top-notch Monthly car rental services in Dubai, offering a wide range of vehicles for your needs.

Monthly Car Rental Dubai


Dubai, a city with around 90% refuge, is an ideal destination for monthly car rentals. Whether you’re here for tourism or business, a reliable and convenient car rental is a must. Opting for a Cheapest Monthly Car Rental in Dubai is not just a smart choice, it’s a budget-friendly one too. It’s more economical than owning a car for a short period. If you’re also in search of a monthly car rental, look no further. We offers the most affordable Rent a car for AED 500 per month. So, leave your worries behind and book your car rental with us!

Why Choose Cheapest Monthly Car Rental in Dubai?

No Down Payment

If you are buying a car, you should remember the down payment. But in the case of a monthly rental car with Luxury Car Rental Dubai, there is no pain of a down payment. We believe in transparent pricing and no hidden fees, making it a financially convenient option.

Lower Monthly Payments

Car Rental Without Deposit offer you the best of both worlds-lower monthly payments and the flexibility of an extended commitment period that suits your needs. It’s a convenient and flexible option that puts you in control of your travel plans.

Car Upgrade and Change Options

You get the opportunity to upgrade your rental car. If you start with a compact car and realize you need more space, you can easily switch to an SUV or a minivan. Moreover, enjoy the option of switching to different models. It provides you with a variety of car rental options to suit your changing needs or preferences.

Free Service and Maintenance

Rent a Car Dubai Monthly offers complimentary services and maintenance, such as oil changes, which ensure the proper function of the car without any extra charges.

Rent a Car Dubai Monthly

Depreciation Value

You don’t have to worry about its reduced value, which gives you extra peace of mind. As a rental car, it’s our responsibility to maintain the car’s value and ensure it’s in good condition. We regularly update our fleet with new models, so you can always enjoy the latest features and technologies without worrying about depreciation.

Convenience without Ownership Hassles

Cheapest Monthly Car Rental in Dubai allows you to enjoy all the benefits of car ownership. You don’t have to face any headaches and responsibilities of owning a car.

Benefits of Booking a Monthly Car Rental Dubai?

When you are renting a car for a month, Rent a Car Dubai is the recommended place. The website offers a unique feature that includes the monthly car rental option. We are located at different convenient locations. You can also avail of our delivery service. Choose from various monthly car rental options to book your required one.

Monthly Car Rental Dubai

Affordable Monthly Car Rental In Dubai

If you’re searching for a cheap monthly car rental without Deposit, we also offer discounts and promotions. Our exclusive packages during the off-season are convenient options. Prices can vary somewhat during the peak season, but we always strive to provide the most competitive rates in the market.

Convenient Pick-up and Drop-off Services

One of the best and most reliable options for a monthly rental car is free pick-up and drop-off within the selected emirates, including [Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah]. If you’re in Dubai for a month or two, rent a car for a month.

Safety and Budget-Friendly Options

We prioritize your safety by working with reliable companies. These companies ensure you have the best quality car rental service. We understand that everyone has a budget for living. So, we offer you cheap monthly car rentals that fit your budget without compromising on safety or quality. Our cars are regularly maintained and undergo thorough inspections to ensure they meet the highest safety standards.

Embrace Freedom and Convenience

Monthly car rental suits families or individuals who require a car at their disposal for longer. It can be because of your work, leisure, or other special occasion. When choosing a monthly rental car, you say goodbye to the public transport and the hassle at once. Moreover, vehicles like SUVs, luxury cars, and more are available. Choose the one that suits you best.

One more plus factor is that when you compare the rates of daily or weekly car rentals, the price difference will be clearly shown. You can easily save money with lower rental rates and ignore the hassle of booking a car repeatedly.

Car Rental Dubai

Explore Beyond Dubai with Our Cheap Car Rental Service

Dubai’s well-oriented and plush road structure makes driving your monthly car rental a breeze. It’s your ticket to effortless exploration of different cities in the UAE, such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah, at your own pace. So, embrace the freedom and embark on an exciting adventure beyond Dubai with our Monthly Car Rental in Dubai service.


Frequently Asked Question

The Monthly rental process is designed to be incredibly user-friendly, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Select your preferred subscription, opt for Auto-renewal, and confirm your order. Our dedicated staff will then personally deliver your chosen car to a location of your choice in Dubai. Please note the minimum age requirement is 24 years, and a refundable deposit of AED 2,500 is required.

Contrary to popular belief, the cost of renting a luxury car in Dubai on a monthly basis is often less than in other affluent countries. While brands like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Ferrari do fall under the luxury category and can be more expensive than budget options, the experience of driving these prestigious vehicles can be a unique and affordable luxury.

It depends on the company, but the monthly rental price usually covers the car and the basic mileage allowance. However, it’s important to check if taxes such as VAT and standard Insurance, which typically covers third-party liability, are included. Additional insurance options, such as comprehensive coverage or personal accident insurance, may not be included and could incur extra charges.

Two people are allowed in Luxury cars. Both must have a driver’s license and be aged according to the rental policy, like 23+.

Monthly rentals can be cheaper than daily rates, especially for longer trips. However, the total cost should be compared, considering mileage limitations and desired insurance options.

A compact car typically rents for 1,600 AED per month, and the cost of a luxury car can go up to AED 10,000.

Because we, the citizens of Dubai, have dedicated days, it proves to be faster as the processing time is, at most, 21 days. Such a service record of a car ensures a return of this amount when a vehicle has been returned in perfect condition. A credit card with a 21-day payment window will stop you from making the payment during that period, and you will automatically get a refund. Another thing is the period that it can last. It can be a public holiday in three to four weeks, or it may happen when another occasion is on.

Choosing the right rental car depends on your Trip. Consider how many people and how much luggage you have, where you’ll be driving, and the type of terrain.

Most rental companies require a credit card for payment and deposit, but debit cards might be accepted with an extra deposit. Check their policy beforehand.

Rental cars usually have basic Insurance, but more is needed. Consider additional coverage for damage, liability, or personal accidents.

Yes, a security deposit is typically required to cover potential costs. You’ll get it back if you return the car undamaged.

If you need to keep the car longer, contact the rental company as soon as possible to extend your contract depending on availability and any rate changes.

Monthly Car rentals commonly have a minimum age of 21; also, some high-class cars have a minimum age of 25.

Some rental companies might ask for extra documentation or a driver assessment test if your license is new. This driver assessment test is a standard procedure designed to gauge your driving skills and ensure safe driving. It may involve a written test, a practical driving test, or both. This test is not meant to be intimidating, but rather to ensure that all drivers on the road are competent and responsible.

What is exclusive about our service is that unlike other apps or sites, you will use this one without having to pay anything. You don’t have to pay us anything, such as bidding commission, booking fee, credit card processing charges, etc. It is probably the quickest way to make your payment. After you click one button, you can settle the minor fee and donate your old car!

To find monthly car deals in Dubai, use online comparison platforms or search directly on rental company websites. Look for filters or promotions specifically mentioning “Rent a Car Dubai Monthly.”