0.6 Tri Point Screwdriver Repair Triwing Tool Y000 For Apple iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

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0.6 Tri Point Screwdriver Repair Triwing Tool Y000 For Apple iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

0.6 Tri Point Screwdriver Repair Triwing Tool Y000 For Apple iPhone 7 /& 7 Plus
0.6 Tri Point Screwdriver Repair Triwing Tool Y000 For Apple iPhone 7 /& 7 Plus
0.6 Tri Point Screwdriver Repair Triwing Tool Y000 For Apple iPhone 7 /& 7 Plus


0.6 Tri Point Screwdriver Repair Triwing Tool Y000 For Apple iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

0.6 Tri Point Screwdriver Repair Triwing Tool Y000 For Apple iPhone 7 & 7 PlusDoe-het-zelf, Handgereedschap, Schroevendraaiers/moersleutels !. Staat:: Nieuw: Een gloednieuw, ongebruikt, ongeopend, onbeschadigd object in de oorspronkelijke verpakking (indien verpakking van toepassing is). De verpakking moet hetzelfde zijn als in de detailhandel, tenzij het object door de fabrikant is verpakt in een verpakking die niet voor detailhandel is bestemd, zoals een onbedrukte doos of een plastic zak. Zie de aanbieding van de verkoper voor volledige details. Alle definities van de staat bekijken : Brand: : iTechZone , Material: : High Quality S2 Steel Tip: Type: : Screwdriver , Screw Driver: : Y Shape 3 Point tip: Weight: : 0.64 ounces , Compatible Model: : For iPhone 7, For iPhone 7 Plus: Dimension: : 6 x 3 x 1.5 inches , Compatible Brand: : For Apple: Colour: : Blue , MPN: : TZTO0003N , 。

0.6 Tri Point Screwdriver Repair Triwing Tool Y000 For Apple iPhone 7 /& 7 Plus
0.6 Tri Point Screwdriver Repair Triwing Tool Y000 For Apple iPhone 7 /& 7 Plus
0.6 Tri Point Screwdriver Repair Triwing Tool Y000 For Apple iPhone 7 /& 7 Plus
0.6 Tri Point Screwdriver Repair Triwing Tool Y000 For Apple iPhone 7 /& 7 Plus
0.6 Tri Point Screwdriver Repair Triwing Tool Y000 For Apple iPhone 7 /& 7 Plus
0.6 Tri Point Screwdriver Repair Triwing Tool Y000 For Apple iPhone 7 /& 7 Plus

What Do You Know About Us Who We Are ?

Bab Al Madeena Car Rentals now has the most Luxurious and Exotic cars for rent! Book now at +971 551605252  Rent a car now…!!!

Because you deserve

What do we offer?

  • Cheap car hire services 
  • Daily car rental services / Rent a car Per day  
  • Monthly car rental services / 
  • Rent a car by brand
  • Economical car rentals Dubai
  • Luxury car rentals Dubai

See All Vehicles Reservation Now

Select What You Want1 Our awesome rental cars

د.إ 49.00 /per a day
  • Tiptronic
  • Manufacturing Year 2019
د.إ 199.00 /per a day
  • Fuel Diesel / 1600 cm3 Engine
  • Under 25,000 Km
  • 5 Year service included
  • Manufacturing Year 2014
  • 5 Doors and Panorama View
  • Transmission Manual
د.إ 30.00 /per a day
د.إ 30.00 /per a day
د.إ 49.00 /per a day
  • Tiptronic
  • Manufacturing Year 2019
د.إ 199.00 /per a day
  • Fuel Diesel / 1600 cm3 Engine
  • Under 25,000 Km
  • 5 Year service included
  • Manufacturing Year 2014
  • 5 Doors and Panorama View
  • Transmission Manual
د.إ 199.00 /per a day
  • Fuel Diesel / 1600 cm3 Engine
  • Under 25,000 Km
  • Transmission Manual
  • 5 Doors and Panorama View
  • 5 Year service included
  • Manufacturing Year 2014
د.إ 199.00 /per a day
  • Fuel Diesel / 1600 cm3 Engine
  • Under 25,000 Km
  • 5 Year service included
  • Manufacturing Year 2014
  • 5 Doors and Panorama View
  • Transmission Manual

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0.6 Tri Point Screwdriver Repair Triwing Tool Y000 For Apple iPhone 7 & 7 Plus


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See What People Usually Ask For Our Monthly Car Rental? FAQS

It totally depends upon the requirements of the customer and as according to the the budget you are willing to pay. Bab Al Madeena rent a car online services got all type of vehicle to satisfy your need.
If you are willing to find a cheap rent a car prices daily or monthly all you need to do is to contact at our given number and we can provide the lowest car rentals. Such as 30 AED for rent a car daily & 750 AED on monthly car rentals.
Yes, We surely accept debit for the purpose of deposit and payments for our daily and monthly car rentals. As a result, there will be a little more fee on the deposit only if you are paying it from your debit card.
Yes, you need an insurance to rent a car in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, and Rasul Khaimah. 
But if you don’t want to take an insurance there’s also a choice over our rentals. Above all, it will be a big risk which you will be taken over your heads.
You can have your deposit only after 21 working days excluding the public holidays. And to have you can visit our office where you can also have it in the same account from you paid the deposit while returning the rental cars back to us.
We got all the latest models for all of our rental services such as economy, Luxury, sports coming in all type of categories i:e Hatchback, Sedan, SUV,.

Great Rental Cars FIND YOUR CAR

Requirement To Avail Monthly Rentals

Requirements to rent a car monthly for residents

General Requirements for our rentals
Driving License
Emirates ID
Passport Copy
Visa Copy

requirements for Monthly car rental tourist

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Bab Al Madeena is offering discounted monthly rent a car options every week. Thus, Press the button and make your self updated for all of our promotional deals for monthly car rentals in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah.

  • Adress: Suite # 514 Pinnacle-Building Al-Barsha 1 Dubai
  • Support Phone: 971 551605252
  • E mails: info@babalmadeena.com
  • Working Hours: 24/7

Terms & Condition

Please read all the terms & conditions before signing the agreement –Bab Al Madeena Best Rent A Car Company Return and Deposit refund Timings are Sunday to Wednesday 9 AM to 5 pm- For Thursdays/Saturday 9 AM to 1 PM ONLY.

  • No return on car rentals after office timings public holidays and Fridays. Any car Rent paid is not refundable and not adjustable. The car must be returned at the same branch from it is issued. You also have to return the car that you have rented by yourself in office timings at our office. Moreover, there will be no pick up until unless arranged and have email confirmation. If you want us to Pickup the rented car the charges will be 200 AED within Dubai.
  • Rent must be paid In advance at the branch personally by the hirer bank-transfers / deposits are not acceptable from 23-6-16. In case, of returning the rental cars with dirty exterior and interior you will be charged AED 700 for interior and AED 200 for the exterior. For Rent, a car online Dubai daily & Monthly CHECK-IN TIME FOR ALL THE CARS is: 13:00 AED 200 will be charged after check-in time AED 2000 will be charged for returning the car with tinted car windows. Schedule of Charges:
  • Return after the mentioned timings public holidays and Fridays will be charged AED 200. Return to another branch AED 200.
What will happen if you return without a car wash?

Return without car washing Bill AED 200. No information will be provided, or no refund will be given except to the hirer as per agreement.

When you can get the deposit back? 

The customer is responsible to collect the refund of deposit by themselves within 60 days from the date of due of deposit refund. AED 100 will be charged per month for delay pick up after 60 days. No deposit claims after 1 year from date of return “Hiree” will Deduct AED 100/day as late payment charges per day and can be deducted at the time of deposit refund on every car rentals daily & monthly. The hirer Is liable to pay 30% of the car value in case of his/her fault resulting in car to be declared a total loss and 20% in case of SCDW.

  • The hirer is liable to pay AED 2000+20%of repair cost #s insurance excess amount in case of his/her fault or damage caused to the car by an unknown party if there is no liable party in the police report) or in case hirer’s fault. For Instance, This insurance excess is applicable for even minor scratch or small dent also. The customer is not allowed to repair the car. In case, of repair “Hiree” reserves the right to charge AED 15000. In case, of SCDW insurance excess is MILL however, if the car gets total loss minimum of 20%of car value Is payable by the hirer encase of his fault. The customer is liable to pay for the time car is required to pay in all conditions. Bab Al Madeena monthly rent a car Online Dubai Insurance Excess will be AED 5000+Vat +20%  of the car value for the cars equal to and above 2.0 L Engine
  •  After that, If the customer outstanding increase AED 900 “Hiree” reserve the right to File a police/court case against the customer to recover the car and rent and hirer is responsible to pay minimum AED 5000 or actual lawyer fee whichever is higher AED 500 will be charged for release.

Important Things to Read

  • Hirer Is bound to pay all the traffic fines during his usage and must be paid within 3 days to “Hiree“car along with the AED 100 as admin fee and fines with black point must be paid within the 48 hours of fine occurring, Delaying a black point will cause the customer AED 100/day after the 3rd day of fine. Salik AED 6 per trip.
  • The Hirer is responsible to pay the rent for the entire period till the car is in the garage for repair or impounded by the Police or held by the court in case of accident or violation, our aim to provide the best.
  • The Hirer pays the 2000+30% value of the car repair within the agency in the case of an accident if the driver is under the age of 21, or his driving license has been issued less than one year. “Hiree” will consider the Car on hire till the garage work is complete.
  • Road Side Assistance Is for within DUBAI only in case the Roadside assistance is not purchased separately AED 300 Car pick up charges are AED 150 (24 hours prior booking) AED 200 for same-day Pickups (minimum 3 hours prior dosing time ) Key lost/damage charges are AED 1500.
  • Payment Collection Charges AED 50. Insurance is not valid in case the rent is not paid in advance or driver name not mentioned in agreement the Hirer will pay full repair cost + garage rent + 10% of new car value in total loss case.
  • Any fines related to the original mulkia will be on the customer as a customer can take the original mulkia by depositing an additional 200 AED.

Rental Cars List Price:

  •  Picanto, Mirage AED 117/day. RIO, Sunny, Aveo AED 147/day. CERATO, CRUZE SENTRA AED 177/ Day. Sportage, Optima, Corolla, Lancer AED 267/day. Carens, Pajero AED 300/day. Should in case the customer fails to pay rent in advance “Hiree” will charge rent as per list price.
  • The hirer is allowed to use 100KM per day and an additional 52.5Fils per KM for cars below 1.2 L, 63 fils for 1.41, 78.75 fils for 1.5L, and AED 1.05 for car 1.6L to 1.8L  and AED 3.15 per KM for all cars above 2.0 L will be paid by the hirer. Car Is for use within Dubai and off-road usage is not allowed unless written permission is obtained. The car must be returned in clean condition and should have a minimum of 20% tank AED 150 will be charged in such a case of short fuel.
  • The hirer must use the car him/herself. In case of an additional driver, additional insurance must be paid prior to usage. Insurance is not valid otherwise best if you take an insurance best for when Cheap rent a car online Dubai daily & monthly.

Rental Agreement

  • I hereby instruct BAB Al Madeena Rent a CAR LLC/Bab Al Madeena rent a car LLC to debit my Credit Card Number _________________________________ Expiring on __/__ against Rent, Salik, Fine and damages occur during my usage.
  • ADDITIONAL TERMS Hirer certifies that vehicle delivered to the hirer in a good condition according to the attached check out list end the hirer undertakes to keep sufficient water and oil in the vehicle, The vehicle should be brought for regular maintenance & periodical services to the office failure or negligence to do so the penalty of 1000 will be charged along cost of damage to affected parts and repairs if required. Bab Al Madeena Rent a car Dubai, The vehicles Insurance coverage is for U.A.E only. Any accident that might occur while the influence of alcohol or drugs will bind to pay full compensation for any losses or damages to vehicle and hirer will be fully responsible before the authorities.

Some Additional Information

  • The hirer is responsible for all damages and repairs occur within the hire period .to pay the amount of Insurance deductible / minimal charges of AED 2000 -a variable with Depends on vehicle category against any accident or damages, scratches to the vehicle end he must submit all required papers to & from the police/ court and office to claim any damage charges from the insurance company. In case of any mechanical issues that occur to the vehicle, the hirer should stop the vehicle &inform the Hiree directly & police if any accident occurs.
  • The hirer is responsible for the negligence of any of the Issues or if car drive after an accident In which engine Is damage he has to pay all costs.
  • The hirer is responsible for any complaint, case, traffic offenses or any obligations regarding the vehicle Also he will be alone responsible if he uses the vehicle to transport any forbidden items that considered as Illegal as per any of the UAE law Hirer should also pay the full amount of there contract until an arrangement Is made between hirer and Hiree.
  • The hirer should be having valid UAE driving License minimum 6 months old & driver’s age should be more than 25 years old to get comprehensive insurance, Only 70% insurance covered In case of fewer than 12 months old license & age fess then 25 years – 30% of the damage amount & insurance deductible as per Insurance company Invoice will be paid by the hirer.
  • All the Rental Charges should be paid in advance, or the hirer is liable to pay the daily rates. All the payment/Rent paid in advance will not be refunded as there is no refund policy and no premature off hiring or freezing the rental period. It is hereby agreed upon between hirer and the company that is a case of the Total loss (Vehicle beyond economical repair) the hirer agrees to pay the company 30% of the total insured value of the vehicle
  • If the vehicle is less than 12 months from the date of purchased 20% in case of more than 12 Months. Every date will be counted as one day. (for example, the customer receives the car on 1st January 4 PM and return 2nd January 9 AM it will be counted as 2 days).
  • The office has all the rights to confiscate the vehicle at any time without prior warning. Customer will hold all payment liabilities for courts or lawyers, daily rent will still arise until the case is over. In case of any legal case payment of AED 5000 has to be paid by customers for legal proceedings. The customer will bear all the charges if the customer loses the car registration card or key (Original/ Duplicate) along with the original key on request provided by “Hiree”. AED 1500 will be charged as an admin fee in case of issuing duplicate keys before giving car to the same or other customers.
  • Tyre’s and windscreen are not covered in any insurance; Hirer will bear all cost of Damage, monthly rent a car Dubai. The fine deposit will be refundable to the hirer only as per agreement after 1 month from the date of the car return. Rent a car daily Original receipt of fine deposit is mandatory to be submitted in order to get the refund.
  • No refund will be done if the original receipt is not provided or AED 250 ADMIN fee will be charged for duplicate receipt and it will be deducted from the amount of deposit. No vehicle will be off-hire if there are new damages, scratches. The final police report is to be submitted by hirer and rent will be charged till final report is not issued by the Police. when you rent a car in Dubai you need the Contract will be closed on full settlement of all rental, fine , Salik, and damages amount. In the case of nonpayment, the contract shall remain running until all dues are settled even the vehicle is returned back to the office.
  • For a tourist traveling before the fine deposit refund due date, we will be refunding deposit by western union or bank transfer all the admin fees will be on the customer, not the company, cheap car rentals Dubai. When you want Customer is responsible to collect a deposit from office after 30 days of car return with the original receipt and photo ID through cheque after 60 days of the car returning AED 100 per month will be charged rent a car monthly as an admin fee for our monthly = rent car services which will be applicable to maintain old customer account, Any refund after 90 days will be processed in 14 working days.
  • The hirer is not allowed to let someone drive the vehicle, If happened he will be responsible for all damages made hiree will not be responsible for any belonging left in the car by the customer at the time of servicing or return.
  • For economy monthly rentals, Dubai Verbal Contracts and any kind of agreement(s) with staff is not valid unless In writing and through email. Value-added tax and all applicable taxes including (VAT) and others are payable by hirer.
  • Any previous communication or verbal commitment is null and void after this contract is signed,  monthly rent a car Dubai. I have read all above terms and conditions, undertaking and schedule of charges and agree to all.

Economic deals for rent a car monthly in Dubai

Opening: Are you in Dubai on a visit to explore new places? Or are you in Dubai on a business trip and have to attend several meetings at different meetings? Else, if you are already living in Dubai and have no own car and you got friends from another country to visit and explore Dubai, you are going to need a comfortable ride. Well, in the cases mentioned above, you might need a quick solution. As the technology keeps growing and people are putting their trust in it so, it is predicted that 90% of people access to the internet to search for a solution. So, in this post, we are going to let you know the available car rental Dubai assuming that you, as a reader, will come across this content soon with your query on a search engine. Enough talk!

Which options are best for rentals in Dubai

Considering economical car rentals in Dubai, you can have multiple options like rent a car daily, weekly, and every month. Depending on the purpose for which you are getting a car on rent decides which deal to take. If you are staying for around a month and you have to do business in Dubai, we recommend you to go for monthly options as it's economical, feasible and you have no worries about the ride throughout your stay in Dubai.

Why rent a car monthly?

Rent a car monthly is a service designed for people who need a vehicle for a certain time, where they also want to avoid the cost of buying a car). In this case, the monthly car rental service offered by many economic car rental companies in Dubai is the best option, due to the discounted rates they include for monthly rent. It is essential to take into account other issues before deciding to rent a car for a month. Getting a car on monthly rent has many advantages over other options. The most important are the following: Monthly car rental for individuals allows you to have a vehicle for one or several months, without having to worry about buying and maintaining your vehicle. Most car rental companies offer review services on monthly rental services. (Which service is that???) The monthly car rental is designed so that you pay for the service you use, being able to adjust the terms of the contract to your needs. The price of monthly car rental is reduced due to discounts applied by brands to long-term rental services. Moosa rent a car Dubai: With mossa rent a car Dubai, your only concern will be to adjust your belt before starting. Easy hiring You have several options for hiring by phone or online. You choose the rental term and the plan you need. Customer Support You will have quick help 365 days a year and 24 hours in an online office. Zero problems You get the best coverage, as well as preventive and corrective maintenance, collection, and home delivery and a replacement vehicle. (While having the option to replace the car at any moment) Zero paperwork Forget about managing insurance, taxes, or fines. In the end, we are now leaving the decision for you to make. You have multiple options, and we have provided you with the best recommendation we can ever make when it comes to letting our readers know why to rent a car monthly basis when you are on a visit to Dubai. MetaData: Rent a car monthly is an excellent idea during long trips, business trips, or if you want to use a vehicle daily, avoiding the costs of buying a private car. Renting per month is a considerable saving compared to traditional renting per day and allows you to drive a completely revised vehicle for as long as you need. .

Visiting Dubai and Need Rent a Car Services? An Ultimate Guide for Economical monthly Car Rental Dubai services

Planning to Visit Dubai?

If you are not from Dubai and you are planning to arrange a trip with your loved ones outside your country, then probably you have a lot of options available. However, if you are getting a chance to move outside your country, then we think it's best to visit Dubai once. Dubai is a business hub for the world, and you are going to get every comfort, entertainment, business opportunities, and picnic spots that ever wish for because that is the beauty of Dubai. It never disappoints the visitors because of the world's biggest shopping malls, hotels, and a beautiful bunch of beaches to enjoy summer with rent car Dubai. While talking about the summer, the critical thing that you have to consider is to visit Dubai during moderate weather. As Dubai is located in between a desert and that makes it so hot during summer, which might not be very pleasing to roam outside and within malls, restaurants, and your car, you cannot fully explore the gems Dubai is hiding. At last, if you have already decided that you are coming to Dubai, we need you to keep reading the article as it serves an essential guide for solving your commuting issues during your stay.

Things you need to arrange

While planning a trip, either you are coming from another country, or you are a resident of Dubai, and somehow, you do not own a vehicle, or a luxurious residential place will bring a lot of trouble. So, the two most important things that you need to arrange before landing in Dubai or before leaving your apartment to explore Dubai are the perfect residential place and a luxurious ride. Besides this, you must have done your homework before coming to Dubai to decide which locations you are going to visit and which you are leaving behind if you are on a quick trip. Mostly a week or a few more days than a week are enough to visit Dubai if you already have a comfortable ride with you. Search for the tourism websites online, or if you want to hire a tourist guide, that would be a perfect option that lets you visit most of Dubai in a much shorter time. If you are up for a month at least, then you do not need a tourist guide because Google is enough for you to search for the best places to visit. One of the essential things is to bring your documents along with you to avoid any unnecessary trouble during your stay and traveling in Dubai.

Traveling must be comfortable

Speaking about the comfortable ride, let us tell you that the distances between recommended places for the tourists are pretty much that without your vehicle it would be very problematic. A comfortable ride enables you to relax during your traveling, and you would be able to stay fresh during your daily visits from your hotel to all day around Dubai. So, when you are traveling from another country to Dubai, the first thing you will be looking for is car rentals Dubai airport. We recommend you not to be in so hurry and take your time to get the cheapest car rental Dubai to save the cost. Cost is a Major Concern Do you need to rent a car for your holidays or your business trips to Dubai? If yes, then before getting rent a car service from anywhere in Dubai, check out the prices and compare a few agencies online to have an idea of the base rates of monthly car rentals Dubai. However, you can get an economical car rental services with no hidden fees by Bab-al-Madina rent a car Dubai. Here are a few of the key characteristics that Bab-al-Madina rentals incorporated in their business model, which makes them top-rated among other cheap rent a car business in Dubai. These characteristics can be treated as the primary things you should keep in mind before finding of best car hire Dubai services because these things will finalize the total cost.

The size of the car is important

The size of the car is one of the aspects to define whether the car is in the standard category or it's a premium one, and for this reason, it may affect the cost too. With Bab-al-Madina rentals you can rent a car for AED 500 per month and that is pretty cheap which you can find while comparing the pricings of popular Dubai rentals. It would be best if you know the interpretation of the terms "Economy" "Business," and "luxury." To make it understandable, Bab-al-Madina cheap rent a car Dubai illustrates the sizes of the cars indicates the name of the models or reports the suggested number of passengers for each vehicle.

Search and Compare

Searching and comparing is a must done process before renting a car in Dubai for the first time. We assure you that with Bab-al-Madina rent a car Dubai, you are going to get the most economical car rental monthly and that is why we let you search around what best you can get other than Bab-al-Madina rentals.


Your driving record is important
Bab-al-Madina rentals always check clients' driver history records when they arrive at the office, and reject clients whose records do not meet company standards. Even if you have confirmed a reservation, we may disqualify you for some recent infractions, including: · Unavailability of driving license or permit · Reckless driving record · Unfamiliar with the traffic rules regulated across Dubai by the government Therefore, if you are not able to qualify at this stage, you do not need to worry at all because Bab-al-Madina rentals are offering an option to hire a driver along with renting a car. So, you can avail of the opportunity and relax on the back seat while the driver make it sure you get the safe and sound ride to the destination.

Benefits of cheap rent a car Dubai

Finally, let us make it concise and provide you with an overview of the services of Bab-al-Madina rent a car Dubai so that you can finally make up your mind that Bab-al-Madina in the best option you can get while considering economical car rental Dubai.

1.Easy booking and payments

Providing an easy way to make a booking for a car and process the payments is one of the key elements of the well-reputed business. Bab-al-Madina rentals are claimed to be very professional and always offer their customers with ease and comfortable ways to proceed. All you need is to book a ride using a simple car booking form available on the website's main landing page.

2.Wide range of available models

Offering a variety of cars to the customers means that we value the choices of our customers, and we make sure that we always do have those models which are very commonly demanded. We have a broad range of vehicles categorizing into two main categories that are the standard cars and the premium ones. Which brand do you prefer to ride by? Kia, Nissan, Renault, MG, Mitsubishi, infinity are the most demanded cars at Bab-al-Madina rent a car Dubai. These are only a few ones among the list, we are also offering Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Land Rover, Tesla, Ford, SUV, and many others to mention. To get full details of available cars and their descriptions visit our website.


To let the customers put their trust in your business needs transparency in the payment processes. Bab-al-Madina rentals never apply any hidden charges. Every penny you pay is always calculated as per the initial agreement.

4.Precautionary measure for safety

Our vehicles are properly serviced and well maintained to avoid any mishap during traveling. Before we hand over the car to the client, we always do a test drive with our professional drivers to make sure that the car will give you a smooth ride to your destinations.

5. Quick and reliable customer support

24/7 customer support makes Bab-al-Madina car rentals very reliable when it comes to renting a car. As a customer, your comfortable ride is our priority and we have always got your back. To ensure safety in any situation we have our online support staff which is always readily available for immediate guidance.

6.Customized rental plans

Not everyone needs to rent a car daily, as most of the time, people may plan for more extended vacations. Booking a car becomes a hectic process if you need to update your booking schedule on a daily basis. So, the alternative is simple, and that is rent a car monthly if you need a car regularly for a few weeks. This lets you have a one-time process and enjoy your trip

7. Areas of operating business

To provide quick access to the services for car hire Dubai within a few minutes, Bab-al-Madina rent a car Dubai has scattered their business all over Dubai. At every popular spot around Dubai, you can easily find Bab-al-Madina rental's office where you can have quick access to the cheap rent a car Dubai services. Do you still have questions to ask? Visit the website and send us your query. Our online customer support will readily get back to you to assist you related to the Bab-al-Madina to rent a car services and your concerns. Feel free to visit the website to get more details about our car rental daily services and the cars which are available for your luxurious and comfortable ride around Dubai City.

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