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Are you making these costly car rental mistakes?

 look at Car rental mistakes that can   cost you a lot both in time and     money

Are you making these costly car rental mistakes Are you looking forward to travel to Dubai for your yearly vacation? If yes, then read on to learn about the most common renting mistakes tourists make while renting a car in Dubai. Dubai offers a lot to both business professionals and the tourists when it comes to both business and vocation opportunities.  In this post we have decided to highlight some of the mistakes that most tourists usually make to help you save both your money and time. Scroll below to see the four most gruesome mistakes and try to avoid them on your next rental ride.

  1. Are you buying extra car insurance?

    You don’t always have to buy extra insurance when it comes to Car Hire services in Dubai. If you happen to have your personal vehicle insurance policy, you can travel worry-free as the personal insurance coverage will cover your personal liability and collision damages. Most Travelers are not aware of how much damage their personal policy can cover and therefore they end up buying insurance at the rental company’s counter. Check your personal insurance coverage before paying the extra money to your rental agency.

  2. Did you conduct enough research before renting a car?

    Another important thing that most travelers forget most of the time is the pre-purchase research. There are a lot of Car Hire companies in Dubai that offer flexible packages to cover your diverse needs; however, you will never know what service will work best for your specific requirements if you do not do your own research. The pre-purchase research must entail the type of services, pricing, available fleet and rental period. car rental mistakes

  3. Are you prepaying for the gas?

    Prepaying for gas may seem like a convenient option when you need a quick ride to your destination,dont do this car rental mistakes  but it can be quite heavy on your wallet. This is why we recommend that you do your pre-purchase research well before settling on a rental company. The more you know about your destination and available means to travel there, the better equipped you will be while making the rental decision. Try to learn more about your destination, so you can make quick stops for fuel refill and avoid the extra gas charges.

  4. Did you ask enough questions?

    While conducting your per-purchase research, less than the questions that you have in mind and tried to inquire your car hire agents before purchasing a service. When you rent a car in Dubai, there are a lot of things that you need to consider some of which include the time period of your stay, your budget and the other traveling requirements. Asking the right questions can help you understand your options better for a well-informed decision.

Do you make any of the above-mentioned mistakes while renting a car in Dubai? Well, you can always learn and avoid repeating the same mistakes. We believe that car rental should be affordable and enjoyable experience that’s why we advocate rental research before purchase. Try to avoid the extra costs and make your trip an easy adventure.

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