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5 Frequently asked questions about car hire in Dubai

.Commonly asked questions regarding car rental services Dubai

Purchasing a car hire service can be a hard decision to make, especially if it’s your first time renting a vehicle in Dubai. Dubai offers myriad car rental services to both tourists and local residents. However, you can never make the right decision if you don’t know enough about rental services in Dubai. This post covers some of the most commonly asked questions about car rental services by renters. Peruse below and see if you can find the answer to a question you have been pondering.

.What is the minimum age limit to rent a car in Dubai?

In order to utilize a Car Hire Dubai service, you must be an adult (22 or above); however, your liability is only partially covered by insurance until you are 25 or above. Renters below the age of 25 have to bear 15% of the damage caused while the insurance covers the rest. The age requirements are usually imposed to ensure the safety of the renter and the vehicle. Your car rental company can make an exception based on judgment, but the minimum age limit remains 22.

.Do I need to have a driving license before renting a car?

Before renting a car in Dubai, all drivers and renters must have regionally certified driving license.  The drivers must have a UAE license that is more than six months old.  Some exceptions can be made for renters and drivers who carry transferable licenses and are on a visit Visa.  However, all drivers must convert their transferable driver licenses into UAE driver licenses within a two week perios after receiving the residence visa. In addition, visitors are highly encouraged to carry an international driver’s license along with their local license.

.What are the document requirements?

Your rental company may ask for several documents depending on whether you are a tourist or a local resident. asked questions about car hire in Dubai Some of the most important documents of the process include:

  • Your UAE ID card
  • UAE driver’s license
  • international driver’s permit
  • A filled customer application form
  • Passport (for visitors)

In order to keep the process quick and smooth, your car hire company may ask you to send over the above-mentioned documents prior to your visit to the company’s branch.  You can also scan the copies of the above-mentioned documents and apply online.

.What are the payment requirements for the vehicle rent?

asked questions about car hire in Dubai When you purchase a Car Hire service, you are normally required to pay the first month rental price, a fixed refundable deposit and additional charges, such as charges for accessories and insurance. Some car rental companies offer Insurance within their package or allow you to use your personal insurance.  Confirm with your car rental company before signing the contract. Your refundable deposit is usually transferred back to you after the successful termination of the rental contract.

.What is the difference between leasing and renting a car?

Leasing is usually described as the use of a vehicle for more than six months, while car rental refers to utilization of the vehicle on day-to-day basis with a monthly rental price.asked questions about car hire in Dubai

Car rental service providers, such as Bab Al Madeena Car Rentals, offer a tremendous convenience for those looking to fulfill their daily travel needs. For more information about the rental services and fee structures, contact your local car hire company and make a well-informed decision.

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