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Things that you should always include in your rental agreement

Negotiating rental terms and conditions

Do you find yourself debating about the rental agreement terms and conditions before renting a car in Dubai?  Most car renters are usually not aware of the terms and conditions and the hidden costs included by the car rental agencies which usually leads to higher rental costs. Hiring a car rental service in Dubai can be a challenging task, especially if you are a visitor with no experience in renting a car in UAE. This article looks at the various terms and conditions that you must discuss with your car rental agent before signing the agreement.

Negotiating your rental agreement

  • Car rental insurance: Insurance is the number one factor that confuses travelers who are trying to rent a car for temporary basis. How much does the insurance cover? How will the insurance affect the overall rental cost? And most importantly, do you even need insurance for your car rental?  These are just a couple of questions that most travelers ponder before you rent a car in Dubai. Your rental agreement must specify that insurance if there is any. Most of the time you will be able to use your personal insurance for your car rental services; however, most car rental companies encourage customers to include the company’s insurance policy in the agreement. Talk to your car rental agent about the insurance before signing the agreement and make sure that you understand what the insurance covers and how much will it cost you.
  • Rental period and limitations: Most companies offer 6 months to 12 months long rental periods that allow you to have the flexibility to keep a car according to your requirements. However, every car hire Dubai company has its own limitations and regulations regarding the rental period.  Some companies may not allow you to travel to another city with your rented vehicle, while others may grant permission. Talk to your rental agent and specify your requirements and negotiate a term that helps you fulfill those requirements.
  • Rental price for different vehicle models: Contrary to the popular belief, not all vehicle models come with the same upfront payment. Depending on the model of the car you may be charged a different down payment, taxes and other additional charges. Some rental charges may remain the same for different vehicle models within a single rental company, but down payment and taxes will vary. Talk to your rental agent about the various costs associated with renting a certain vehicle model. To make things easier, try to browse different rental companies near your area and learn about the price packages of your favorite vehicle model.

There are some things in a rental agreement that are not open for negotiations, which is why it is extremely crucial that you carefully read the rental agreement before signing it. Your rental agreement may not outline the hidden charges clearly, so take your time with it and make sure that you understand it all. You can easily download and view a company’s rental services online, so do your research well before setting up a meeting with your rental agent.

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