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4 Things You Didn’t Know Exist in Your Vehicle Rental Agreement

Understanding vehicle rental agreements

Do you always consider each and every element of a vehicle rental agreement? Do you ask your rental agent enough questions? Research shows that most vehicle rental service users rarely know their vehicle rental agreement before they sign it. Most people neglect the most common elements of the agreement that can lead to either additional cost or unnecessary hassle at the end of the rental period. This article looks at some of the prominent elements of a rental agreement that you must be aware of.

Use of the rental vehicle: This is something you cannot and must not neglect. Use of the rental vehicle entails how a rental vehicle can be utilized during the rental period. Some car hire Dubai companies restrict people from driving rental vehicles to another city. These terms depend strictly on your rental companies’ terms and conditions. In order to have a clear understanding of your rental service, pay close attention to the term “use of the rental vehicle.”

Who can drive the rental vehicle: Another important clause in the rental agreement is regarding the drivers; who can drive the rental vehicle. Most rental companies in Dubai have a fixed age limit and nationality conditions that restrict tourists, visitors, and under age drivers from utilizing rental services. Generally, in order to employ rental services, you must have your regional driver’s license. If you are traveling to Dubai and intend to stay for more than a six-month period, make sure that you travel with your international driver’s permit.

Terms for accidents: Road accidents are inevitable, which is why every car rental agency in Dubai offers substantial insurance for rental vehicles that is usually included within the package. However, you may have to utilize your personal car insurance to have a proper coverage for damages that may occur during an accident.

Maintenance of the rental vehicle: Most travelers utilize rental services mainly because it’s a huge cost saver; rental vehicles allow you to save money on both fuel and maintenance. Usually, you don’t have to incur any cost on your rental vehicle’s maintenance when you rent a car in Dubai; rental companies maintain their fleet vehicles. However, under certain circumstances, your rental company may charge you an additional amount that would be listed under repair and maintenance on your bill. These circumstances include instances where wear and tear or substantial damage occurs to the rental vehicle due to negligence.

Every rental company has its own set of rules, for example, Dubai’s top-tier vehicle rental agency Burj Madeena has a number of terms and conditions, some of which include:

  • AED 200 charge for returning the vehicle after the mentioned timings in the agreement;
  • AED 200 for dropping the car to another branch;
  • AED 100 car pick up charges with prior booking;
  • AED 200 for picking cars in the same day;
  • AED 1500 for losing keys.

Your vehicle rental agreement is more than just a binding agreement that protects the both parties; it contains all the essential information that you need to know in order to comply with the terms and conditions. Before signing the agreement, make sure that you have read and understood the listed terms and conditions.

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