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Don’t let these Hidden Costs Ruin your Rental Decision

Hidden and extra costs involved with a car rental service

Do car rental decisions make your head spin?  Do you want to find a service that allows you to have a hassle-free car rental process? Are you worried about the hidden costs of renting a car in Dubai?  Rental services need to worry about when it comes to renting a car in Dubai.  Sometimes the myths surrounding the industry and bad examples around you make it difficult for you to make a car hire decision.  We want to make the vehicle rental process easy for you, so for this post we have covered various different costs that usually don’t exist to smooth out your decision process.

  • Vehicle Drop-Off Charges

Drop-off charges are the extra payments that you have to make in case you drop-off the vehicle in a different location. Some companies have this extra charge added to your bill while most don’t.  Your rental agent will let you know about the drop off charges if there are any.

  • Early Return charges

You may think that returning your vehicle early would be a good thing, but it’s not in some cases.  Some car rental companies may charge you an early return fee while some may not.  Again, it’s up to your choice for the rental service.  Usually the early return fee is around AED 36 to AED 50, depending on the type of rental service you choose.

  • Mileage fee

You may have to pay for extra mileage if you travel with your rental car outside the city or in the city exceeding your mileage allotment.  Many big Car hire Dubai services, such as Burj Al Madeena Car Rental service, may not charge an additional fee for the extra mileage used, but many smaller companies may add an extra amount to your bill if you exceed the mileage limit mentioned in your rental agreement.

Seasonal Surcharges for peak time

Rental charges can vary in different cities and sometimes within the same city.  Some companies charge more during the peak season (the peak season is defined as the season when rental services are employed more than usual). This not only makes it difficult to book your favorite luxury car but also augments the rental fees. To make sure that you don’t have to pay a surcharge for the peak season, book your car beforehand.


Renting a car in Dubai gives you a tremendous convenience to fulfill your travel goals without worrying about the heavy upfront costs that you usually have to endure if you buy a vehicle. So don’t let these hidden charges keep you from enjoying a reliable affordable car rental service.  If you do your homework and learn about the various charges and fee structures offered by various rental companies, there is a very slight chance that you will become a victim who pays more than he signed up for.

Burj Al Madeena Car Rental service is one of the most reliable and affordable car rental services in Dubai with extensive customer support and easy application process to help you find your favorite luxury car without a hassle.

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