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Should you Trust your Rental Agent? Tips for Cost-Effective Car Hire Services

Making a well informed car hire decision

Car rental agencies have gain massive popularity in the past few years. This Popularity can be attributed to the fact that people find car rental services much more convenient and cost-effective in contrast to the local transportation and other means of traveling.  Recent research shows that people are more likely to rent a car than buy a car in Dubai, mainly because car rental services have more flexibility when it comes to terms and conditions and fee structure. However, many travelers feel like that they are sometimes being ripped off by their car rental agents who lure them into buying services that they do not need.  This article discusses cost-effective ways to rent a car in Dubai to help you eliminate the confusion and fear of car rental agents.

  • Find a reliable rental agency: A reliable rental agency will always have reliable staff. When it comes to Car Hire Dubai services, there are a lot of options available today.  These options sometimes make it difficult for the tourists and the locals to make a sound Car Hire decision.  The first thing that you need to understand is the reliability of a rental agency. Many people believe that the branded agencies will be more trustworthy than those that have a little-known existence.   So how would you know which agency is reliable? It is simple; spend some time looking to online directories to find the rental agencies that have a proven track record of serving customers in your local area.  Additionally, you can ask for recommendations from your acquaintances and people around you to learn about the services they have used in the past.
  • Have a one-on-one meeting with rental agents: There are a lot of rental agencies that allow you to rent your favorite vehicle online, while this may sound convenient, it doesn’t give you the satisfaction of a one-on-one conversation.  So once you have done your research about the rental agencies and have narrowed down your list, sit down with the car rental agents and discuss your requirements in detail.   Ask for the fee structure, rental period, terms and conditions, and any extra charges that you may have to incur while renting a car from a specific company.
  • Compare Plans and services: The next step is to compare the plans and service packages offered by different rental companies. During the comparison process, pay extra attention to the extra charges.  Usually, car rental agencies do not include a hefty sum of money that you have to pay at the end of the term.  Read the agreement twice to comprehend the terms and conditions outlined by the company and compare those with the information provided by your rental agent. When you know better it is very hard to become a victim of extra rental charges.

So, should you trust your rental agent?  The simple answer is yes, but make sure that you are well aware of the services and their charges to ensure that you make an informed decision.


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